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DAYTIME COLUMBUS: Home School Advice from a Mom of 10

Laura Hernandez is a mom of 10 children between the ages of 10 months and 14 years old. She also home schools her children.



FOX 35 ORLANDO: Chaos Control: Parenting Help

Mom of 10 shares her parenting secrets for parents around the world adjusting to kids being at home during COVID-19 –Laura Hernandez from Mama Systems.



KGET Sunrise: Mom of ten children provides tips for parents to create and maintain routines during pandemic

Mom of 10 and Founder of joined 17 News at Sunrise to share tips for families working to create and maintain a routine while at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

NBC PALM SPRINGS: Keeping Kids On Track During COVID-19, Advice From A Mom Of 10

While some local school districts are kicking off online learning, others are on spring break. So, how do you keep the kids on track and occupied no matter the circumstances?

Laura Hernandez knows a thing or two. She has ten kids ranging from 10 months to 14 years old. Year-round, she’s homeschooling the kids and helping other mamas along the way.

KWTX:Tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed during the pandemic

Laura Hernandez of MamaSystems provides tips to help restore calm and order during self-isolation. The full interview can be seen above.






 KUSI News: Advice on how to effectively homeschool your kids

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Laura Hernandez is a mom of 10 children between the ages of 10 months and 14 years old.  Not only that, she also homeschoolsher children.

She runs which helps parents implement systems to make their household run more efficiently and with less stress.

She has developed a proven system to bring peace and calm to any home.

CNYCENTRAL: Want to home school like a pro? Mom of 10 offers tips 

At her home in Parker, Texas just outside Dallas, it is safe to say Laura Hernandez has her hands full. But the mother of 10 does not consider herself a superhero mom.



CBS DFW: North Texas Mother Of 10 Shares Homeschooling Advice

A North Texas mother of 10 is sharing her advice on homeschooling during the coronavirus pandemic.



The Tommy Show: Mom of 10 Is A Homeschooling Wizard

Kelly introduces us to Laura Hernandez, a mother of 10 who has nailed the homeschooling thing long before we all had to do it and is sharing her wisdom of how to get the household organized and the free resources on her web site MamaSystems.Net.


WGRZ-TV: Wednesday Virtual Town Hall Segment One

Get your answers to your questions by the experts covering COVID-19 topics.



KJRH Tulsa: Mindful Moment with Mike: Setting Up a Schedule

In today's Mindful Moment with Mike, we have a message for all the moms out there feeling the stress of home schooling, working from the house and still managing the family. 


KENS5 News: Laura Hernandez shares homeschooling advice for parents

A mom of 10 and the founder of a homeschooling resource website gives advice for parents struggling with their kids' distance learning.


FOX5 DC: Mom of 10 shares tips and tricks to keep kids on track

Taking your house from chaos to calm that is the mission of this super mama Laura Hernandez. The parenting coach shared some of her tips and tricks with FOX 5’s Angie Goff to keep kids on track during COVID-19 and beyond.

NBC Washington: Mom of 10 Offers Summertime Tips for Parents

Summer is just getting started, but kids haven’t gone to school in weeks. News4’s Melissa Mollet talks to a mom of 10 about how to manage summer break during a pandemic.


Fox 35 Orlando: Summer survival guide for parents

Laura Hernandez Mother of 10 and Founder of speaks to FOX 35 Orlando about the summer.




CW33: Second Shot: Mother of 10 shows you how to systemize family life and build teamwork

As North Texas came to a halt when the coronavirus came to town, so did the school year. With that, parents were suddenly living in an early summer of sorts, scrambling to manage a jolt to their family life.

And now the real summer is upon us.

If your family life is a chaotic mess, it’s time to take a Second Shot at it with a little help. Laura Hernandez is the creator of and she’s here to help ‘systemize’ your family. Her qualifications? She also the mother of ten kids. Ten.

Working Mother Magazine: Mom of 10 Offers Summertime Tips for Parents

Is this summer off to a good start for you and your family? Are you loving it—or do you already feel a bit of Groundhog Day creeping in? We were in the same boat, until we figured out a way to make each day feel special. Here is the best part about summer for our family of 12: We have daily theme nights!

Creating efficient mama systems with Laura Hernandez

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Laura Hernandez of Mama Systems. With 10 children and 20+ appointments weekly, “peace” is not the word you would probably guess to describe Laura’s household. Yet somehow, it’s what she’s created and now she’s working with moms across the country to bring that same peace and calm into their homes. I talk with Laura about how letting go of what others thought of her was a requirement to create the family life where she, her husband, and children can thrive

Episode 44: Managing Overwhelm In Parenthood With Guest Laura Hernandez

In this episode, we discuss managing overwhelm in parenthood and putting systems in place to make special needs parenting more manageable. Guest Laura Hernandez has 10 children who live at home, and she homeschools many of her children. Three of her children have special needs. She needed to put systems in place for herself and her family, in order to make life so much more manageable. After helping some friends do the same, she chose to create her own home management company, Mama Systems. A home management coach sees where the stress points are in a parent's life and comes up with ways to manage those things. She finds aspects of their lives to delegate and finds ways spouses and children can help. She also helps parents find time for themselves and time to engage in self-care.

Laura Hernandez: How Systems Bring Calmness & Order

Feeling overwhelmed with all that's on your plate? Get inspired by Laura Hernandez, a supermom of 10 kids, of whom 3 are adopted and have prenatal alcohol syndrome. She homeschools 5 of her kids and has her own business!

Laura Hernandez Mother of 10 and Founder of speaks to Second Shot about the summer.

 Laura Hernandez is a mother of TEN and she created a business called to help families create systems to quell the chaos and find productivity! Yes, for real she's a mom of ten. And yes, for real she's THAT chill.

In this Second Shot Sitdown, Laura sits down with Jenny Anchondo to explain how she time blocks her family. She coordinates home schooling, meal time, chores and even gets TWO hours of quiet time every day. Yep, she said it. And we are here for it.



Three Special Needs with Laura Hernandez 

Now a mama to 10 kiddos, Laura Hernandez faced and met the overwhelming challenges when her family added three adopted children that would all eventually be diagnosed with intellectual delay (mental retardation) and fetal alcohol syndrome. After consulting friends and books and still not having the answers she needed, Laura created her own systems to manage the chaos and bring peace to her household. Laura realized a need for other mother’s facing similar challenges and started, a suite of coaching services, systems and tools to help families bring peace to their home.

Homeschool CEO: Chaos to Calm with Laura Hernandez

How do you create systems that take chaos to calm to your homeschooling, business, and mom duties? 

Listen in as I chat with Laura Hernandez of Mama Systems about her success in taking her family chaos to calm through systems and processes.

Learn about rhythm and routine, how to view schedules and systems as your ticket to freedom and not a burden, and find out how to squeeze in a date night on top of everything.

Living in chaos or not, this is an episode you shouldn't miss!

Foster, Adoption and Compassion

Today, Cristabelle is joined by guest Laura Hernandez to share about her family’s journey from foster, to adoption, to parenting special needs kids. She also shares the grieving process with the new normal, the importance of having a good support system, her inspiration for starting "Mama Systems", and more.


No Regrets

Laura Hernandez is the founder of Mama Systems, a coaching service that creates customized systems for Mamas who feel overwhelmed. She and her husband live in the Dallas area with their ten kids, 3 of who have been adopted and have special needs.

 Laura tells her story about how her family came to be.

Mom of 10 Shares How to Bring Calm and Order to Your Home

Have you suddenly found yourself homeschooling? Laura Hernandez with Mama Systems shares how she is coping with the world today. She is a mom of 10 that uses systems and routine to keep her home calm and free of chaos.

Don't Mom Alone: Summer Strategies with Laura and Courtney [Ep 249]

We talk about systems, tips and plans for making the most of the time you have with your kids this summer.

Laura even shares an acronym for how to plan with the word ENJOY. That’s right! We can absolutely enjoy the summer and these ladies have some great ideas to get you started.

Walking With Freda Podcast: Laura  Hernandez and Mama Systems

Laura Hernandez, founder of Mama Systems, has created a large family. She and her husband have 10 children – 7 biological and 3 adopted. Laura speaks about her family, part of her journey with the three adopted children with intellectual delays and she manages it all. She then talks about Mama Systems, and how she helps other mamas with organizing their homes and navigating the world of services for kids with special needs. If you find that you are someone struggling to keep everything together, managed and running smoothly, then check out this episode for some great tips on getting it all organized. 

Suburban Folk Podcast: Homeschooling, Adoption, and Special Needs Children

 Our guest is Laura Hernandez, owner of Mama Systems.  She is a mother of 10 children.  We talk about the adoption process, homeschooling, and parenting special needs kids.  With the current social distancing guidelines we discuss a number of helpful considerations for how parents should tackle teaching their children, maintaining a balance, and how the curriculum compares to public school. 

We can also see how parenting adopted children and special needs children requires focused preparation and execution in order to maintain a balanced household.

Welcome to Wellness: S3: Episode 2

Watch Laura share about wellness as a mama with Tamara Williams. 

Click to watch the video now. 


Creating Systems for a More Streamlined Home With Laura Hernandez

In this episode of A Purpose Driven Mom, we are joined by Laura from Mama Systems. Laura is a mom of 10 kids and has had to create systems within her home so that she can have a less chaotic and more joyful life.

Listen in for actionable tips on how to create systems in your home, that are also transferable to your business, and help you optimize your workflow and make working from home a whole lot easier!

Embrace Asking for Help – Reimagining Hustle with Laura Hernandez (S1E12)

Laura is a mom of 10 and creator of Business Mama Systems. This episode we talk about batching, asking for help, and filling up your own love tank. (It’s not as dirty as it sounds!)

Since I recorded this podcast I’ve batched certain elements in my kitchen, and I can tell you – Laura’s the real deal.