I am so glad you are here, Mama!

My name is Laura Hernandez. My husband, Tony, and I are raising our ten amazing children in the Dallas area. In the past four and a half years we have added six new children to our family... three biologically and three through adoption.

Going from four to ten kids was hard work. And, on top of having a large family, we are also not your "typical" family. We have three kiddos in public school, we are homeschooling five kids, and - with three kiddos having special needs - we have over 20 appointments weekly.

I read many books on homeschooling schedules, large family logistics, and family dynamics; but I found over and over again that nothing that was already out there was fully relevant to our family!

I had to figure out what worked for US and I had to do it myself. Books didn't have the perfect answers. How could we manage all of our logistics and have-tos and make time to intentionally instill the ideals that our family values?  It took me years to develop systems and life hacks to keep our family running and organized. But after creating systems that helped our family run smoothly, it reduced my daily workload and my house became a place of peace... yes, even with 10 kids! 

‚ÄčOut of these years of hard work, Mama Systems was born. I want to save other Mamas the pains I went through to figure it out on my own. I want to bring more peace to their homes by coaching them through ideas, schedules, incentives, chores, and delegating. 

I am here for you, Mama!

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