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We had NO idea

Like so many others out there, we did not know that the sibling group we were adopting had FASD. We had tried everything and nothing seemed to make our situation better. What was worse is that no doctor could help us. We seemed to stump them all. 

There is no cure for the brain damage caused by alcohol so receiving a diagnosis wasn't magical in that sense. But can I tell you what it made a way for? 

Educating ourselves on what was going on with their brains allowed for more compassionate parenting. We qualified for services and got real help in our home. We were able to advocate for them with doctors and schools with a full picture of what we were dealing with. 

Work Together

My goal in working with you is to make sure you have every system in place to help you and your family thrive. Through our 90 days together we will:

  1. Design Systems to help your family run smoothly and safely, despite your child's behavior. 
  2. Create an education plan with your school to make sure your child is getting the support they need. 
  3. Get all medical paperwork, records and medication systematized. 
  4. Curate a plan for self-care, respite for your people and space to enjoy things you once enjoyed. 
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Hey Mama

You are not alone. I have been where you are, searching so desperately for answers and help. I know how discouraging and lonely this road can be. Having a child with an invisible disability is something not many can relate to, but I can. 

In our time together we will not be able to heal the brain damage that has been done, but we will be able to get your family and you to a better space, so that you may have peace. We will find solutions for things that have worn you down. We will find respite and calm for you, your marriage and your other children. 

You do not have to live this way. 

You are worth it,

This Coaching Is for You If

Your life is in chaos.

You have tried everything.

You are ready for peace.

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