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Mama Systems is set up as a monthly coaching service. Choose a package that fits your family.

Basic Package ($500) 

With this package, we will work together for a month to come up with systems and schedules that will help your family run smoothly week to week. 

You will receive:

-customized systems for your family 

-unlimed access to me via Marco Polo and email

-laminated charts and routines at the end of the month 

Premium Package ($550)

This is for families that need a little more guidance. If you homeschool, have kids with special needs or are on the foster care journey this package is right for you. With this package, you will receive all the benefits of the basic and also a more detailed help with schedules and programs. Special services would include things like:

-Navigating Medicaid and WIC 

-Setting up daily schedules and checklists for homeschoolers

-Organizing medical files and navigating state programs

1:1 coaching ($250/month)

This is done via Marco Polo or Voxer you will have unlimited access to me for any questions you may have or encouragement you need! 

Continued Support ($175)

If you are not ready to go at it alone we can stay in touch on a monthly basis as we tweak systems for your family. 

Mama Systems in-home ($100 an hour)

I will come to your home and help purge, organize and help you implement systems.

Here is how it works:


  • We will have an initial meeting to make sure that I am the right fit for you. Being allowed into someone’s life is a huge honor and I want you to feel comfortable inviting me in.

  • If you decide to move forward, I’ll send you an invoice and we’ll get started!

  • I will send out a questionnaire for you to fill out.  This helps me get to know your family and any systems you do have in place and what further needs are.

  • After you have answered that with detail and send it back, we will have another phone conversation to iron out any concerns you may have and any questions I may have.

  • I will send you some initial easy tasks to help bring peace to your home and a game plan of what I am thinking about for the future.

  • Our next follow up will be with all of the systems ready to go, I will send an email and we will find a time to walk through it all.

  • We will have one final phone conversation the following week to see how things are going and see if any tweaks need to be made.

  • Finally, I will send out chore charts and any other system charts that we have discussed laminated and ready to go.


We will analyze

your goals


I will give you a customized plan


I will help you

execute the plan