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If you know something in your home needs to change but making a plan feels impossible, then the Take Your Home From Chaos to Calm course is for you. It is a simple, fully-thought-out project plan that walks you through every step of the journey.

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Ticket System Course

Mamas when this system is implemented your children will be begging to help around the house.

1. You will lessen entitlement in your home.

2. Your children will learn to work hard and cheerfully. 

3. You will have help doing tasks that you do not want or need to be doing! 

What People Are Saying:

“I can't tell you enough how much I love the Ticket System!! You had so much new information for me, plus X-Box is my boys most favorite game as well!! I bought tickets yesterday and my boys were happily running around getting a ton of work done!! ”


I want to hug her neck every time one of my kids asks to earn a ticket or eagerly watches the baby for me so I can have two hands free!


The Ticket System gives me peace because there is less entitlement and fewer tantrums. When her tickets run out, she is excited to do another job and earn a ticket. The rules are clear and laid out in advance. I am teaching her to contribute and she is learning the value of hard work!


"The Ticket System Course is worth every penny! It gave our family a framework that easily allowed us to give our 7-year old daughter the opportunity to learn the value of work. When we presented the system to her, she was so excited about it! It has helped us get her on board to contribute around the house in a way that’s appropriate to her age. It has been such an invaluable asset and resource to our family to walk away with easy wins. So grateful for this course and thank you Laura for creating it!"