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Hi! I am so glad you are here. My name is Laura Hernandez. My husband, Tony, and I live in the Dallas area, where we raise our amazing ten children. In the past four and a half years we have added six new children to our family, three biologically and three through adoption.


Needless to say, going from having four to ten kids, I have developed many systems and learned tricks to keep our family running and organized. While I have read many books on homeschooling schedules, large family logistics, and family dynamics, I have found that these were not always relevant to our family!

We are very much not like your typical family. We have three in public school, we are homeschooling five and we have over 20 appointments weekly (between our three that have special needs).


Between all of our appointments and anything else that may come up in the caring for ten children, I had to figure out what worked for us, as opposed to what the books say. How could we manage school logistics, and make time to instill the ideals that our family values?  By making systems that helped our family run smoothly and reduced my daily workload. 

My goal in starting Mama Systems is to help other mamas bring more peace to their home by coaching them through ideas, schedules, incentives, chores and delegating.