Summer Survival Mini-Course

Not only survive this summer but thrive, feel accomplished, connect, and have FUN with your people!


Have you had any of these thoughts about summer?

What are we going to do all day? 

Will my people have any fun? 

What am I going to feed them ALL DAY EVERY DAY?

How do I get them to stop fighting? 

Will I be able to get anything done? 

Accomplish your tasks.

Whether you are working from home with your people or just trying. I will show you the most efficient way to get it done! 

Create Rhythm

We will create a daily and weekly rhythm so that we lessen decision fatigue and arguments. 

Create Fun

How to create fun for your kids during a not-so-fun summer, without wearing yourself down. 

"I highly recommend Mama Systems! Laura’s online courses are excellent in both presentation and content. She delivered clear direction and structure, but also gave me enough flexibility to tailor the system to my family. I’m most happy that the course taught our family how to work together. Everybody now contributes, which is subtly teaching my children the gift of work and that they have something valuable to offer the world everyday!"


Because this is a summer like no other, we must plan like we never have before!


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